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  • Hayley Baldwin

    Hayley Baldwin

    Writer. Lover of rainy days and jumpers. Plane phobic but love to travel. Living in Mexico City. Terrible at Spanish.

  • Lenn Stone

    Lenn Stone

    Creator of RemainBrandable. Student. My journey in building an online business.

  • Tessa Schlesinger

    Tessa Schlesinger

    Author writing fiction. Loves photography, beauty, decor, dancing, travel, & secular ethics.

  • Pachu Pachu

    Pachu Pachu

    Seeker seeking stimulation. https://soundcloud.com/pachu-pachu-438753295

  • Rodrigo S-C

    Rodrigo S-C

    Photographer, art gawker, musician, psychology geek, traveller, septuagenarian. You want fries with that?

  • Anita Baker

    Anita Baker

    Business development, partnerships, strategy, favorite work media and technology. Interviewer. Writer. I love good conversation and learning new perspectives.

  • Noelle R. Beauregard

    Noelle R. Beauregard

    Top Writer: Poetry. Smoking 🖋for hire: Copywriter for Nonprofits and Not-For-Profit Healthcare. Also open to other projects. Email: NoelleRBeauregard@gmail.com

  • Jasmine Vesque

    Jasmine Vesque

    WordCamp Ottawa Co-organizer; Web Evangelist, speaker, trainer. Desire Mapper. Magic Manifester. Music Maker. Cooks, knits & reads books.

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